Founded in 1960, it combines its long experience with constant updating.

Distributes Hydraulic and Electronic Equipments, produced by the factories of the group, branded TERMAR, NOVÁGUA, COMBINOX, PRATE, TROPIK and other related products.

The Sales Department responds quickly and effectively to all requests.

These factors ensure that partners are completely satisfied.

Main Activities
Commerce and industry:
- Pumping systems for clean and waste waters
- Solar Energy
- Electrical and electronic materials

Products of proven quality that satisfy current market demands, with CE certification.

Technical training
Volter provides technical training in the areas of Hydraulic Equipments and Solar Energy.


Is part of the major Portuguese Companies

(Dun & Bradstreet International)

1st Place in Electrical and Electronic Products

(Exame Magazine)


Francisco Gomes Freitas
António Samuel Freitas

Undercover Area:
Factories: 3.000 m2
Warehouses: 15.000 m2

Share Capital: